Know we have new Desiner. He make the Background for the New Site. We are a Zoo Tycoon 1 Gamer and Desiner Group. This Group consists of 4 Desiner. You need for the Pokemon all Add-Ons. For Pokemon Scenery Objects go to the Fantasy Zoo.
Generation for Zoo Tycoon 1:

  • 1st Generation
  • 2nd Generation
  • 3rd Generation
  • 4th Generation 
  • 5th Generation << Update 14.6.2017
  • 6th Generation
  • Professor X Labor 

Pokemon 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Generation is finish to Download !"
Pokemon Gen 6 is Coming Soon !!!"

We speak English and German.
When you found a Bug or any other problem with a Pokemon, please tell us !"

Send us a short Mail with the Contact or Guestbook site.

We work with high pressure on
Pokemon ! "

          Partner Site:

klick the Picture for the Fantasy Zoo Tycoon.

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